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Wildlife Safari in Suklaphanta National Park - 4 Days

Predominant sal forests associated with asna, simal, karma, khair and sisso are found along the riversides of the reserve. Large grasslands, phantas, are found within the reserve. Main grass species include Imperate cylindrica and Saccharum heteropogon, used extensively by the local people for thatching. The reserve provides prime habitat for swamp deer, with an estimated population of 2000 found here. Other animals in the reserve are wild elephant, tiger, hispid hare, blue bull, leopard, chital, hog deer and wild boar. A total of 200 bird species have been recorded. Many grassland birds along with the endangered Bengal florican can be seen in the phantas. Marsh mugger, Indian python, monitor lizard, cobra, krait and rat snake are recorded here. Area of Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve 305 sq. km and Established 1976. Location of Royal Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve is situated in the southern Terai of Far-Western Nepal.