Siraichuli Trek

A new trail has been identified which offers magnificent sunrise and sunset views from the top of Siraichuli hill. A panoramic view of the Himalayas, a mixture of experiences of hills and Terai, Cultural Experiences of Chepang and other ethnic groups, bird watching, home-stay and other natural attractions make this trail a must to visit.


Day 01: Kathmandu – Hugdi Bazaar – Hattibang

  • Drive to Hugdi. Trek from Hugdi and overnight at Hattibang, observe cultural show. Local handicrafts on sale.
  • 3 hrs Drive from Ktm. 4-5 hrs trek.
  • Overnight: Hattibang (Home stay or Community guest house)

Day 02: Hattibang–Jautesh – Changa – Dinglang –Jyandala;

  • Trek to Jautesh- Changa-Dinglang and overnight at Jyandala, a pure Chepang village.
  • 3 hrs Trek
  • Overnight: Jyandala (Home stay and Camping))

Day 03: Jyandala –Siraichuli- Chisapanitar- Gadi

  • Trek to Siraichuli for mountain views, sunrise or sunset. Trek to Chisapanitar for Bird watching. Trek to Gadi to observe historical fort at Gadi.
  • Trek 1 hr to Siraichuli, Trek 4 hrs from Siraichuli to Chispanitar, Trek 1½ hrs from Chisapanitar to Gadi)
  • Overnight: Gadi (Home stay or Camping)

Day 04: Gadi-Shaktikhor

  • Trek down from Gadi to Shaktikhor. Cultural experience at Shaktikhor, observe Chepang Museum, MUVIC. Trek to Sinti water fall and Sinti Cave Village walk, cultural show by Chepangs, Magars.
  • Trek 3 hrs. from Gadi to Shaktikhor/ Trek 2 hrs from Shaktikhor to Sinti.
  • Overnight: Shaktikhor (Home stay)

Day 05: Depart for Ktm or Sauraha Hotel Parkland

  • Drive from Shaktikhor to either Sauraha or to Kathmandu

Cost Included :
• Homestay or Camping for 4 nights.
• All transportation & meals.
• Professional Tour Guide.